iNetYears Security Awareness Training

Responsibility for cyber security rests on everyone's shoulders, not just the CIO/ CTO/ CISO.

The Dcoya SaaS education solution dramatically improves organisational compliance, expands security knowledge and changes employees security behaviours.

Delivered either as a regular and monitored exercise or, as a minimum, when new hires progress through your induction process - Dcoya will highlight to each individual the very real risks associated with specific cyber attack profiles, especially email phishing exploits.
Ethical Phishing Attack
Develop an understanding of the risks posed by drive-by/ phishing attacks and test how staff respond to potentially malicious activity. Craft an ethical phishing attack utilising predefined e-mail, web and malware simulation templates.
The service includes a comprehensive report of findings and mitigation recommendations, which can be easily integrated into a full penetration test report or presentation.

A campaign of just 10 e-mails yields a greater than 90% chance that at least one person will become the criminal’s prey.

Identify Vulnerability
Through a combined approach of Train, Detect and Educate, Dcoya Security Awareness Training identifies vulnerabilities and where specific training may be required - either for individual personnel or, if a particular attack profile is successful, across the organisation
Ensure ALL staff know best practice when suspecting malicious activity, create an environment that promotes Security Awareness and change personnel behaviour to lead to improved organisational compliance

A Safer Way To

  • deliver security awareness
  • share security knowledge
  • test user reaction to phishing / drive-by attack vectors
  • locate vulnerability

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